Happy 82nd Birthday to the King of Rock-n-Roll

Yes, Indeed, it is Elvis Presley’s birthday today! Had he lived he would be 82 and probably still rockin’. Elvis was born on this day in 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Van Morrison wrote the beautiful song “Tupelo Honey” in honor of the sweet treat that comes from that area. Elvis began his career there in 1954 at the age of 19. 

Here are some fun facts you may not have known about Elvis:

  • Elvis dyed his hair black. His natural hair color was brown.
  • He bought his first guitar at age 11. Elvis really wanted a gun but his mother convinced him to buy a guitar instead. The rock and roll world thanks you Mrs. Presley!
  • He was offered his first chance to sing live on the radio in 1947 at the ripe old age of 12 but he was too shy to perform.
  • When Elvis was 18 he paid $4 for his first record as a gift for his mother.
  • In 1954 he auditioned for The Songfellows, a gospel quartet and was turned down! Their loss our gain
  • “Heartbreak Hotel” was released in 1956 and was written about a newspaper article covering the story of a local suicide.
  • Elvis was 6′ tall and wore size 11 shoes.
  • Elvis’ 1960 hit “It’s Now or Never” so inspired a prisoner who heard it in jail that he vowed to pursue a career in music upon his release.  The artist, Barry White, was then serving a 4-month sentence for stealing tires.
  • Elvis recorded more than 600 songs, but did not write any of them.

For those of you out there that love Elvis raise a glass and wish the King Happy Birthday! Some still believe he is alive and well. As for myself, I like to believe he is on a deserted island somewhere drinking Pina Coladas and Margaritas with Jimi, Janice, and Jim Morrison. They are all hanging out and enjoying tropical rays and good times, even if it isn’t so, I still like to believe that our great musical legends have somehow lived on. 



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