It’s Been a Crazy Summer LOL

I am actually looking forward to some down time. We have played so many festivals all over the state and driving from point A to B, I’m exhausted. This has been an amazing summer for a duo. We have visited some of the most beautiful places and seen some amazing sights. At the end of the day, our life is rich. Mike is working for himself, which is exhausting, and so am I.

We come home at the end of the week and have to ask ourselves, “Is the week over?” There are times it feels it is never going to end.


I am currently working on an Idaho series of paintings. I want to show people that we, “Idaho”, are much more than potatoes. Music is going very good. Our last gigs have been stellar with a good feed back from the audience. We do our original music, however, we find that reaching the crowd is easier when you play covers. We are both very tired LOL. Mike is running his own business, as am I. A little exhausting but nice to set your own hours and rate.


What a GREAT summer. We have 2 festivals left for this season and then we are down to a couple of regular gigs. Time for us to chill and maybe do some writing? Thank you to everyone that has supported us this summer. It’s been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jaz and Mike Fagan


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