What is MoJo Sage?

Welcome to MoJo Sage. My husband asked me how I came up with this name. Basically, Mojo is like good karma or juju and Sage meaning wisdom. I wanted to come up with something unique and so this blog means good wisdom.  This is a blog about pretty much everything and anything. There are no limitations on the subject or thesis of a blog. There may be topics from history to current events. There might be a blog about things that are funny and weird. The concept is to enlighten, to encourage, to show that there is hope, and to make you happy at the end of the day. Guest writers are welcome to contact MoJo Sage about writing a blog and posting it here. 

I am writing and accepting guest written blogs on topics from:

  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Community Activism
  • Human Interest
  • Recipes
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Funny to the Weird 
  • Business Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • And anything else that happens to catch my attention